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Level Test  

A1 - A2

Responde el siguiente test de nivel de inglés,
y recibe gratuitamente los resultados por correo.

* Por favor no uses ayuda ni internet.

1. Which sentnces is correct?
2. Which sentence is negative?
3. Which sentence uses "there is/are" correctly?
4. Which sentence is correct?
5. What is the negative of "They have some food"?
6. Which sentence is correct?
7. Today is _______ (hot) than yesterday
8. Which sentence is correct?
9. He is _______ (good) player on the team
10. I prefer _______ shoes over the ones you showed me
11. He _______ coffee every morning, but today he _______ tea
12. They _______ (visit) Paris last year.
13. I _______ (not finish) my work yet.
14. Could you give me _______ water, please?
15. She _______ (have) a party next weekend. (arrangement)
16. We _______ (visit) our grandparents next month (plan).
17. The weather in summer is not _______ (nice) as in winter
18. This book is _______ (interesting) than that one
19. Friend: You _______ study hard if you want to pass the exam.
20. Which is the correct passive sentence? The teacher explains grammar rules in class.
21. Which is the correct passive sentence? The company released a new product last week.
22. If it __________ (rain) tomorrow, we __________ (stay) indoors and watch movies all day.
23. If she __________ (win) the lottery, she __________ (buy) her dream house.
24. Employees _______ attend the meeting at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
25. _______________? Is she friendly or shy?

Test sent! Thank you!

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