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De 3 a 12 anys

Els nens aprenen anglès gairebé sense adonar-se'n

Responde el siguiente test de nivel de inglés,
y recibe gratuitamente los resultados por correo.

*Por favor no uses ayuda ni internet.

1. By the time she __________ (arrive) at the party, everyone __________ (leave).
2. They __________ (watch) a movie after they __________ (finish) their homework.
3. I __________ (visit) my grandparents every summer when I __________ (be) a child.
4. Students __________ bring their textbooks to class.
5. Children __________ go to bed early on school nights.
6. They __________ visit their grandparents next weekend. (future plan)
7. We __________ have a barbecue if the weather stays nice this weekend. (future prediction)
8. He __________ visiting his family over the holidays.
9. She __________ her grandparents every Sunday.
10. She __________ her homework before going to bed last night, but she didn't.
11.You __________ a backup plan in case the first one fails.
12. Which is the correct reported speech sentence? "I eat lunch at noon every day," she said.
13. By the time I turn 30, I __________ Paris.
14. Don't worry, I __________ you with your homework after dinner.
15. At 8 PM tonight, she __________ her piano lesson.
16. Can you please pour __________ milk into my coffee?
17. She is very popular and has __________ friends who live nearby.
18. Despite the heavy traffic, we __________ catch the train on time.
19. Children under 12 are not __________ enter the exhibition without an adult.
20. He __________ getting up early for work
21. If he __________ (not eat) so much junk food, he wouldn't be overweight
22.If I __________ (have) harder, I would have passed the exam.
23. What does "get on with someone" mean?
24. What does "sort out" mean?
25. What does "catch up" mean?

Test sent! Thank you!

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